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We are Abbie and Josh!
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We are so happy you're here! We recently purchased Swim Modest from Diane Hopkins. She started this business, created the perfect pattern, and served the needs of thousands of swimmers for 18 years. She is excited to focus on being a wonderful grandma and doing fun projects while we get to continue this wonderful business! 

Years ago, Diane was unimpressed with the tug of war that she observed girls and women waging against their swimwear. With sewing experience and determination, she set out to create a stylish, comfortable, and--most especially--modest swimsuit for her own daughters. She worked on patterns and prototypes until she got it just right. In our Sarong Swimsuits, you can swim, go boating, play, sit cross-legged, and even run into a store with complete coverage and comfort. 


Growing up, my mom bought these incredible swimsuits for herself, me, and all my sisters. When Diane was selling the company, I was interested in buying it because I already knew the product and trusted its quality. We are excited to continue bringing you the best, fuss-free, comfortable, modest swimsuits!

~Abbie and Josh Card


Diane Hopkins

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