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Modest Swimsuits

Get back in the water in our modest swimsuits!

It's fun to play in the water and the sun. It is not fun to get sunburned! Our modest swimsuits provide excellent sun protection, especially for those tender, not-usually exposed areas like the shoulders, top of the arms, and thighs. You won't have to worry about sunburn in our modest swimsuits. I never get that "first sunburn of the summer" anymore, thank goodness.

My daughters have been wearing our modest swimsuits all their growing-up years. They are now teens and college students, and everywhere they go, people comment on how cute their modest swimsuits are, and how refreshing it is to see young women who are modesty dressed for swimming.

It makes a difference! My daughters feel comfortable, rather than exposed, and are at ease swimming, diving, canoeing, and more . . . in their modest swimsuits.



Get back in the water with our modest swimsuits!

Quality Swimwear Lycra
(80% Nylon, 20% Spandex)

Our quality swimwear fabric is stretchy and quick-drying. The stretchiness of the fabric makes it easy to be active in it. You can bend, reach, stretch and move without any binding, or midriff exposure.
The design is made to give maximum coverage in the crotch area and rear end, as the sarong skirt skims the body rather than clinging, and so you'll get a lot of coverage on the skirt. Our modest swimsuits are all one piece, making them very comfortable to swim in.
Note: It is challenging for bigger women to find the support they need in a standard swimsuit bra. The bra cup is lightly padded to prevent showing through, but it is not an underwire and does not give a lot of support. Our customers in this situation have reported wearing their own underwire bra under the suit and find it works great.

Get back in the water with our
Modest Swimsuits!

"Thanks for making swimwear modest!"

"We love these suits! When my girls were given a choice of what suits they wanted, your suits are the only ones they were interested in! We get positive comments every time we are in these. They're comfortable, durable and LOVELY!!"
--Kelly, New Mexico

"Your modest swimsuits are wonderful--a creative and stylish design solution! I love the idea of being more modest in the swimming pool. Hurrah!"

"I just came upon your modest swimwear site and am quite impressed! Your suits are adorable!"
--Crystal, New Jersey


100% Polyester Mesh

* extra lightweight mesh * quick drying

* sunburn protection * easy to swim in

* comes in navy and lime-green colors

"Swimshirts--What an answer to prayer! Feels good, dries fast, looks sporty. I think guys need to be modest too!"

"We got our order last week and the modest swimsuits are so cute on my girls. They are so excited and so am I. The boys like their swim shirts too! My 5 yr. old is telling everyone how modest her new suit is compared to other suits. Now my husband wants me to order one too. Thanks so much!"--Michelle, Washington

"We LOVE my daughter's suit that just came in the mail. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!!"
--Jill, Utah

"I just got my swimsuit and I LOVE it! I'm going to share your website with all my friends"
--Sarah, Massachusetts

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